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Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tile are some of the hardest wearing flooring on the market and looked after can last many years.

Giving a very similar look when laid. Laminate and LVT are made in different ways.

Room Flooring


Laminate is fitted by dropping and clicking 2 planks together, this means they cannot move or be taken up once fitted. Laminatis typically constructed with 4 layers being pressed together to form the solid board. These layers are


  • Wear layer - this is the protective film that is applied to protect the decretive second layer, this will vary in thickness between manufactures
  • Decretive layer – this is a highly detailed images printed onto the core layer, this is the part that gives you the look of the laminate
  • Core layer – this is typically made up of either MDF or HDF mixed with resins to give the laminate board the strength it needs for day to day use.
  • Stabilizing layer - This stabilizing layer provides a barrier between the subfloor and the core layer, ensuring there is no unnecessary movement within the board.

Professional fittersFitted to perfection


Luxury Vinyl Tile

Possibly the fastest growing area in flooring, LVT is proving to be a great alternative to laminate. LVT is fitted in a similar way to laminate, but each strip is glued down to the floor, with no need for expansion gaps. The subfloor needs to be a very smooth surface so screeding is advised. While giving the same look as laminate and fitted in planks it is constructed from PVC rather than MDF/HDF.

Luxury VinylTile selection Wood effect

LVT in the same way as laminate is made up of layers that are pressed together

  • Base layer – is made up of PVC which offers flexibility and stability
  • Decretive layer – this is applied directly to the base layer and gives the LVT its look
  • Wear layer - this is the protective film that is applied to protect the decretive layer, this will vary in thickness between manufactures.
  • LVT has some extra benefits over laminate flooring. It can be used in wet areas as it is not susceptible to warping with water and is softer and quieter under foot. Planks can be replaced without the need to take the whole floor up.


We have a wide range of LVT from some of the most popular manufactures


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